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Kelly Lamb

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Catch the flying clown on the high end of a seesaw and launch the other clown skyward to pop balloons float bye.

JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5,SoundManager2

Games Not WebGL

By hitlady on October 31, 2013

about the previous commenter, Mr. Freestyler. Dude! How rude! As an owner of all things Atari...I even have the Hercules Pinball by Atari. Would it be abetter machine if it didn't weigh over 500 pounds and uses a pool cue for the pinball....would it be better if I shrink rayed it? Be nice, Clowns work hard and have so much bad PR as it is...dare to be different, Love the Clown, don't be a clown. Gamers know so much about everything but finis. As far as ya'll clown killers...have fun? Your Hitlady
By Shane the Freestyler on November 11, 2013

First off, I am a lady.

And second, I'm not objecting a remake, I'm objecting a BAD remake. If this version of Circus played as well as Circus Atari did, I wouldn't have given it a bad review. The original was fast-paced, collision detection was good, and the time spent between turns was short.

This game is slow-paced, the area you must hit the seesaw is smaller, and you are forced to watch an animation of the next clown climbing into position each time you start a new turn. This all makes the remake not play as well as the original in spite of having much improved graphics.

As for would I play a smaller version of Hercules pinball, I sure would! I'd imagine though that scaling down the table would affect the physics, since you can't scale physics in the same way. Think of scaling a set of Newton Balls, even if you scaled all the parts perfectly, they wouldn't behave the exact same way.

By Robin on October 25, 2013

Very, very silly - I kinda like it actually...

By AK on October 25, 2013

It's so absolutely terrible I can't help but love it.

By Shane the Freestyler on October 25, 2013

It's basically a poor remake of Circus Atari for the 2600.

The pacing of the game is too slow, you have to watch the clowns shuffle around to climb onto the seesaw and the ladder every turn!

The collision detection is horrible, instead of only needing the clowns to land anywhere on the raised half of the seesaw, they MUST land on the small tips! You'll loose clowns frequently because of this!

The only thing this game has going is the graphics are 10 times better than the original, the clowns look like clowns instead of stick men, the balloons look like balloons instead of boxes, etc, but that doesn't matter if the game doesn't play as good.

I highly suggest if you have an Atari 2600 and a Circus Atari cart, or ROM and an emulator, play THAT instead. The original may have terrible graphics, but it plays 100 times better than this remake!

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