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From the Author:

CrossCode combines retro-style 2D graphics with the unique theme of throwing energy balls at everything.

By throwing balls you will:
- Solve challenging puzzles
- Defeat many enemies and master epic boss fights
- Destroy boxes Interact with your surroundings

All this gets delivered as a plot-driven Action-RPG.

... Now that's at least the plan.

The development of CrossCode is still at a very early stage. This tech demo only includes the basic puzzle and battle mechanics. There isn't much of an RPG there yet.


This game is written entirely in JavaScript using Canvas 2D for graphics. We started using the impact.js game engine, but modified it a lot to match our needs. This game actually features a simplified 3D collision engine combined with 2D graphics. It all still works without any depth buffer, so we had to do several tricks to make the rendering work. In contrast to impact.js it also loads required resources asynchronously on demand (usually when the location changes).

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